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Increase Energy
Deep Sleep 
Increase Libido 
Health Promotion
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Why Optimize?
My Name is Marcos De Andrade, M.D. also known as Dr. De and I want to help you how obtain an optimal healthy life rather than a "normal" health life. 
Maintain your health and well-being in order to prevent diseases.
The answers are in your blood! Get to know your body by understanding your blood. 
Track Your progress by scanning your composition, fat, and bone density.
Find out what is the best diet for you and learn how to eat healthier.
Perfomance Consultation 
You will have the opportunity to understand what your blood is saying regarding  your health and what you can do about to improve it. 
 Learn what your lab values mean
 Learn how to optimize your body 
 Learn how to read your own labs

Written Performance Optimization Program
We will develop an optimization plan based on your goals and results. With this plan you will know what supplements, bio-identical hormones, diet, workouts you need to do in order to optimize your health. 
 Meal Plan
 Bio-Identical Hormones 

Health Team 
We are dedicated to transform your health from normal to optimal.  

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Enoque Dias 
After seeing the improvements of my wife’s symptoms in only 1 week after she started treatment with Dr De, I wanted to see for myself if I could also experience the same relief she was showing.
I was feeling excessive tiredness, no matter how many hours I slept, yes weight gain specially around my belly and an extreme thirst, no matter how much water I drank daily.
I was, not long ago, able to run for 2 hrs playing soccer and now any activity just a little more extraneous would leave me exhausted and tired, literally out of breath. 
It turns out , I was literally drowning my body in water and still was dehydrated. Dr De gave me one simple fix for that, and the improvements came in 2 days. 
Yes, my hormones were definitely off which explained my tiredness and lack of endurance.
I’m now 5 weeks into treatment and tiredness is gone and energy levels and stamina are improving every single day.
Alessandra Dias 
After going from Dr to Dr, searching for relief of generalized joint pain, lack of energy, fatigue, progressive weight gain and inability to loose it with several diets, I finally found the answers I was looking for. 
Dr De not only targeted the cause of all the symptoms listed above but, was able to improve my quality of life, boosting my energy and improving my sex drive and top of it all, helping me loose my excess pounds. 
All the answers were in my blood and he was able to explain all of it thru one set of blood work.
I’m 2 months into treatment and looking forward to more improvements as I continue on .
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